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Re: Experience of Sharing Authentic Spanish Fly Natural w/ my wife MAX AROUSAL!!

I found an excellent combination using prolifta and USA spanish fly at the same time. Met with two different suppliers and got them on the same day but i didnt expect to use them together. She is horny and im active enought to satify her really brightens our perspecitive on our relationship. I'm not a young guy and performance has been decreasing every year for me, what fustrates me more is the chemistry and love between us. Well relationship is great, but that doesnt mean i have the same attraction towards her anymore as compared to the first year we met. Feelings didnt change but my perspeciticve on being intimate with her change through time. She is just not as appealling as other girls to me anymore. A bro once said, no matter how pretty your wife is, you are bound to cheat or even yearn for other girls. Well that's true. I visited some stables and im not proud of it as a married man. On my defence, maturbation has seem more attractive then fucking my wife, so i guess some stuff needs to be done. Some people tries to spice up their sex life with DBSM, role play etc. But it doesnt seem like my wife is into that kind of role play.

Back to the story, i told her about it and she agreed to give it a chance. I always know that i have performance problem so i decided to give this prolifta a try. and im glad i did. Both suppliers spend quite a bit of time explaining to me the usage and i end up mixing my USA spanish fly with just plain water. It took only 5 minutes for me and almost the same time for her. Her body got warm and her below was moist, very moist, even before i touch her. Well i wont go into details but the whole sex thing but significiant effects and changes in her body was obvious and my perception of her changed. We did a little tie up and thats beucase i felt that i was available for a 2nd round. Usually just 1 time and i sleep.

Good product! will be getting more soon! kudos to your biz. and thanks for this little boost =) i'm glad i came across sammyboy.