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Re: Experience of Sharing Authentic Spanish Fly Natural w/ my wife MAX AROUSAL!!

Ehh i think i need to update the use of such stuffs....

I bought GSD from TS. Used two bottles out of three.... First time on a girl i met in butter factory. I asked her out for the second date.... First time using such stuff.... Didn't manage to have any happening but did have some kissing and touching.... End of the day is i dunno is it the GSD is effective or she is interested in me..

Second bottle i just used lately..... After chilling out at some place, pour in a bottle into her beer. She told me she only had 3 guys in her whole life and all serious relationship. She never fling or ons before. After drinking a bit, we went to a park where i parked. She immediately threw herself at me and we had sex.... But she did complain that she didn't have sex for a long time. Its quite painful to enter but she is very very wet. She also dunno why as she is not really relax and enjoying (might be due to pain). End of the day i also dunno is it i am attractive or is it the GSD....

Moral of the story: Good to use and effective but might do some doubt to urself as u dunno is it u or is it the GSD is good